Drawing on her skills as a humor writer and life coach, Pat presents motivational speeches to professional and community groups on using humor and positive psychology techniques to function more happily in our personal and professional worlds.

Don’t Let The Dog Eat Your Planner

Are work challenges and personal responsibilities putting you over the top? In this interactive presentation based on her book,  Pat shares how to re-frame those metaphorical “dogs” in our lives and keep moving forward.

Her audiences participate in specific research-based exercises that will help keep a positive focus when life seems chaotic, and they get homework to keep the experience alive.

Good Grief: Why Am I Laughing At A Time Like This?

Grieving can’t be laughed away.  But finding  humor during the grieving process can give us a needed vacation from the trenches of grief and hope that life goes on.

Pat, who lost her husband in May 2009, will show how the techniques she used for finding humor in an overbooked life can also help find humor in times of loss.

Humor Helps: Develop Your Sense of Humor and Survive Hard Times

Have the daily news and economy got you down? Let Pat  show you how to develop a sense of humor that can get you through. She knows.

For nearly a decade she’s chronicled her own travails in her regular humor column, Balancing Act. Looking for the light, ironic side of life has honed her humor-finding skills and helped her survive everything from her mom’s declining health and husband’s long-term illness to the ups and downs of practicing law and raising kids. So the stock market takes a belly flop? “What else is new?” she says.

To book Pat for a speech, get in touch by using the contact form.

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